Only Takes 1 Reason Why…Death is Permanent.



13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series about a girl who commits suicide and leaves tapes for people who were involved in her decision to die. If you haven’t already seen it, I advise you to. I advise you to show it to your friends and to their friends and to their friends and then to show it to teachers, counselors and high school students.

This will not be a long post, as I am so firm in my opinions on this subject if I talk about it too long I will become passionately upset. For all those who say the series “glories suicide” I have only one thing to say you. SHUT UP! You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing can “glorify suicide”. Suicide isn’t something people WANT to do, suicide is seen as a problem solver, as a way to end emotional pain. Life is hard, and regardless of what someone is going through you do not always have to be “depressed” to be suicidal. Sometimes you’re just fucking tired of life. It’s hard to explain but that’s what it is. Sometimes it’s ruled by selfishness, other times you think you’re doing everyone around you a favor. Everyone’s hardship isn’t the same, you don’t necessarily need to understand this in order to know someone is hurting.

In the series 13 Reasons Why, there is bullying, loneliness, rejection, manipulation, ostracization, disappointment and rape. There is nothing glorious about any of these things, there is nothing glorious about feeling these things everyday for months at a end. Also multiply all of these things by high school emotions as everything is more dramatic in high school. Imagine the coworkers you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with making you feel like this. You may not commit suicide because of outside responsibilities but what if you are a teenager with no responsibilities who thinks this is the only way out. At that age, you can’t see anything pass a few years, you know your parents won’t understand and you tend to question “who’s really your friend” on a regular basis. Stop telling people they shouldn’t watch this series, they should. And then they should talk about it with their love ones and then they should talk about it some more. It only takes once grace of human connection to make someone feel connected to the world. And no just telling someone they matter doesn’t help, because you don’t understand the intensity of what they feel. 13 Reasons, gives you an inside look at up close as to the pain of what someone is feeling. You find yourself only being able to imagine what Hannah Baker is actually going through. And then you look back and realize, “oh yeah, this is only a show”.

People who have ended their lives “because” of the show, didn’t end their lives because a Netflix drama. These people already had a deep seated sadness in them, and they just used the series as a platform to get others to try to understand their pain. They would have done it either way, I’m sorry to say that, but not watching this series was not going to prevent someone from ending their life. I know it’s easier to place blame, and you can’t yell at the person whose life ended and so you need to point fingers else where. But how about instead of blaming a television show, that parents should be aware of their child watching anyway, you talk to your kids about bullying, rape and suicide. You talk to the school and become aware of the problems that these kids are really facing in a social media age. It’s like the argument of, “if I don’t talk to my kid about having sex, they won’t have sex” sounds stupid doesn’t it. One thing could prevent a life and the other could prevent someone from taking theirs, so what are you afraid of? You’re not advocating for a Netflix show that millions have already seen around the world, you’d be advocating to find the true source of the problem (everyone’s is different) and try to end it. It’s your choice, but saying that 13 Reasons Why does not glory suicide in anyway. Take it from someone who contemplated suicide before.

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